B2B Staffing Services Clinician of the Month

Each month B2B Staffing Services recognizes the provider who went above and beyond in delivering for our client and their patients.


This November, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lindsey Humeny for her exceptional contributions and steadfast commitment to excellence in healthcare. Lindsey’s remarkable ability to consistently go above and beyond is not only impressive but also serves as a source of inspiration to her patients and to all of us.

Lindsey Humeny

Lindsey Humeny


In the healthcare profession, where dedication and adaptability are key, Lindsey Humeny stands out as a notable figure. Her recognition as the Clinician of the Month for November by B2B Staffing Services is a testament to her professionalism and unwavering commitment to patient care. With over a decade of experience, primarily in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Lindsey’s career highlights her proficiency and dedication in a demanding field.

Lindsey’s journey began in Dana Point, a scenic coastal town that nurtured her early interest in healthcare. This serene backdrop played a significant role in shaping her pursuit of a career where she could make a significant impact. 

Her professional path led her through various prestigious institutions, including Stanford Hospital and UC Irvine Hospital, where she honed her skills in the challenging environment of ICU nursing.

Balancing her demanding professional life, Lindsey is also a wife and mother to two school-aged children. She finds solace and rejuvenation in nature and the beach, reflecting her belief in the importance of personal well-being alongside her professional responsibilities.

A pivotal moment in her career came with her decision to join B2B Staffing Services Nurse Registry. Opting for a per diem role, she sought greater flexibility to maintain her commitment to high-quality nursing while managing her family life. This choice reflects the evolving dynamics of nursing careers and the increasing need for adaptable work arrangements in healthcare.
The recognition of Lindsey as November’s Clinician of the Month underscores her exceptional abilities and positive impact on patients and colleagues. It’s an acknowledgment not just of her technical skills as a nurse but also of her capacity to adapt and excel in various healthcare settings.

Lindsey’s story in healthcare is a compelling example of commitment and adaptability in a demanding profession. It demonstrates how dedication to one’s career, combined with a balanced approach to personal and professional life, can lead to notable achievements and recognition.

As Lindsey continues her career, her story serves as an inspiration in the healthcare community, showing how professional growth and personal fulfillment can coexist successfully in this challenging field. Her experience and flexibility make her a valuable asset to the healthcare community and a role model for others in the profession.