B2B Staffing Services Clinician of the Month

Each month B2B Staffing Services recognizes the provider who went above and beyond in delivering for our client and their patients.


In December, we are delighted to express our sincere congratulations to Octavia Landrum for her outstanding dedication and unwavering excellence. Octavia’s extraordinary capacity to exceed expectations consistently is not just admirable but also acts as a beacon of inspiration for her patients and everyone around her.

Dr. Octavia Landrum

Dr. Octavia Landrum


In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, clinicians like Dr. Octavia Landrum stand out not just for their skills but for their passion and dedication. As B2B Staffing Services honors her as the Clinician of the Month for December, it’s an opportunity to delve into her inspiring journey.

Octavia’s journey into healthcare began at a tender age. Witnessing her parents’ divorce at 8 years old, she realized the critical importance of emotional support during life’s challenges. This early experience sparked her desire to become a psychologist, a dream that she pursued with determination. Her academic advisor played a pivotal role in guiding her through the education needed to gain authority in assessment and diagnosis, laying the foundation for a career dedicated to mental well-being.


Octavia’s relationship with B2B Staffing Services began in 2018. Having learned about contract psychologists in 2015 while working as a state employee in California, she realized the flexibility a contract clinical path offered. She reached out to B2B to explore opportunities, drawn to the agency’s contracts with California Correctional Facilites. Since then, Octavia has worked closely with B2B, benefiting from personalized opportunities, competitive pay, and strong advocacy. She appreciates her recruiter Kim’s accessibility and support in management solutions over the years, which has been instrumental in her professional journey.

Octavia’s career is defined by her commitment to making a direct impact, especially among minority populations. In her private practice, she conducts public safety evaluations, a role she finds incredibly rewarding. By assessing potential law enforcement professionals, she contributes to a safer community, by ensuring the mental and emotional stability of the workforce. Additionally, her work in crisis treatment within correctional settings allows her to positively influence the rehabilitative process, impacting individuals who will eventually re-enter society.

Looking to the future, Octavia aims to establish a successful private practice offering both remote and in-person treatments, focusing on specialty populations. Her ambition is to continue providing assessments and consultations, expanding her reach and impact in the field of psychology.

When she’s not immersed in her clinical work, Octavia enjoys the simpler pleasures of life. She finds relaxation and joy in fishing, playing card games, and indulging in spa days.

Octavia Landrum’s career and personal life embody the values that B2B Staffing Services cherishes in its clinicians. Her dedication to her community, her commitment to professional growth, and her ability to balance work with personal interests make her an exemplary figure in the healthcare field. As December’s Clinician of the Month, she stands as a beacon of excellence, inspiring both her peers and the next generation of healthcare professionals.