Do you need extra help with your next business challenge?

Are you looking for your next great employee or temp?


2ᗺ Staffing can assist you in securing top quality resources at the right price. At every moment in your call center operations, your customers' and potential customers' experience – and your success – depends on who they are talking with. Around 2/3 of the typical call center's budget goes to staff costs, you need solutions that maximize your investment in people without sacrificing service quality and customer experience.



Inbound Reps Sales
Outbound Reps Technical Support
Customer Service Telemarketers
Bilingual / Multilingual Reps Many more … what is it you need?


2ᗺ Staffing brings multiple years experience staffing Call Centers of every size. We will help you staff for maximum capability.


We offer flexible staffing solutions that allow you to ramp up or down depending on business or seasonal demands. Even more important, our call center recruiting engine, skills assessments, and proven selection processes allow us to identify ideal employment matches. Our account managers and recruiters in this space are seasoned professionals. That means your center will be equipped with high-quality staff with the right abilities, education, experience and attitude - and those who can deal with challenges and thrive.


Your call center is your face to the world.

Whether your operation has been functioning for years or you're just getting started, let our experience work for you.



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