2ᗺ Staffing Sales Program for those who want to sell staffing (and not deal with the headaches)


Sales Entrepreneurs

Have you thought about owning your own staffing business, but government regulations, insurance, taxes, and cash flow are among the things that have prevented you? … Then now is the time to think about 2ᗺ Staffing.

2ᗺ Staffing is looking for Sales Professionals throughout all 50 states that have an entrepreneurial spirit and are eager to earn high percentages on their sales, experience the freedom of independence, ready to work 'virtual', and are ready to sell staffing services to high quality clients.




2ᗺ Staffing:

  • Will handle cash flow … assure all contract/temporary employees are paid on time.
  • Is established as an employer of record throughout the country.
  • Has in place all insurance necessary to assure legality around meeting payroll and working with clients.
  • Will invoice the client and handle all receivables.
  • Has a lifetime history of meeting each and every payroll.
  • Will pay very high commissions (we believe in paying out high commissions to our sales people – instead of the majority of gross profit going to the company coffers).
  • Ability to work virtually with no consistent sales meetings or high sales quotas you must maintain.


2ᗺ Staffing is owned and operated by two partners that are honest and trustworthy which is a hard commodity to find in the staffing field.

What you'll bring: Drive, self motivation, and the willingness to provide excellent quality service. Your clients (as 2ᗺ Staffing clients) will receive superior service and recognition from a top quality and growing national staffing firm.


Once a placement is made … you'll do the account management/maintenance (of both client and contractor) … 2ᗺ Staffing will assure that money flows. As well, we will assure the contractor is paid on time/every time and take care of all administrative work associated with supporting the contractors.


If you have read this far, you now understand that as your own sales person, you will be able to devote 100% of your time to sales and not worry about all the other areas that can slow you down from being successful.


Make the decision today – call us here at 2ᗺ Staffing, and start earning more money!



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